Our field of industry

The field of industry in which we work


Iron and steel: Supply of spare parts for active units with the approach of engineering review and improving the quality level of construction is one of the main goals. The field of engineering in this section is from the basic designs of direct reduction units to reverse engineering and localization of parts of hot and cold rolling, melting and casting areas. So far, this company has made more than 1000 part codes in this industrial field, the records of which have been started since 1991 and Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan, Hormozgan Steel and Khuzestan Steel, which have provided engineering and construction services to 21 steel companies in the country.


Oil and Gas: Product classification is defined based on engineering and design knowledge in this industrial field. Heat exchangers and pressure vessels equipment and distillation towers


Food and medicine: In the food and drug industrial equipment sector, where the market is often not fragmented and integrated, Distillation Company is the only company that provides mutual services and is able to design, thanks to the research and development and process engineering sector, relying on its 30 years of experience. It is a complete production process from the stage of economic evaluation to the design, supply and operation of factories with superior solutions. Unique engineering skills, providing key and custom systems that exactly meet the needs and expectations of the customer.

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