In the executive structure of Taqtiran Company, an effort has been made to have a project management and control system in all phases of estimation and technical evaluation of incoming projects up to the procurement of goods and construction and long-term services.

Therefore, project evaluation mechanisms in the framework of the created software are the basis for performance in project implementation.

Creating specialized monitoring and information management software in an integrated manner from the steps of allocating and ordering materials in accordance with the parts list of each product, to guide the production orders according to the project schedule.

Dedicated software created:

  • OPC software: This software designs and plans the manufacturing technology process of each product according to the existing hardware conditions.
  • Monitoring software: Resource management, allocation and ordering of consumables and production guidance based on the macro schedule of the project is implemented in the environment of this software
  • MIS software: This software provides the user with the ability to follow the product procurement, manufacturing and engineering processes seamlessly.
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