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Short introduction

From basic design to after-sales service, the current structure of Taqtiran Company has been created in such a way that it accompanies its customers from the stage of consulting and implementing the most optimal design to the safe construction of equipment on time and after-sales support. We continue to believe that investment is the key to maintaining and sustaining investment and development research activities. We have met all the engineering needs of employers. Design expertise Specialized design teams in the oil and gas sector perform complex analyzes at various levels by mastering the standards and software of the day. The design experience of the design team and additional information from the units in operation have also provided the possibility of innovating and updating the design in the basic and basic sections. Engineering review and reverse review of basic oil and gas equipment has created excellent achievements in the field of design technology, which is integrated in the design technology of distillates. And provide simulations of the whole design based on energy sources and intended capacities to produce sufficient information for basic information. In this section, by designing and manufacturing pilot machines, after ensuring the performance of the equipment and the quality of the product obtained, the main equipment goes through the stages of completing the design. In the steel industry, designs are generally based on reverse engineering and troubleshooting obtained during the operation of performance measurements. The development of construction technologies and new industrial solutions have made it possible for us to benefit in updating the design and improving the performance of equipment.

The most important support in advanced design and construction of equipment is supply capacity. This is important due to the history of manufacturing stainless steel equipment during the last 30 years and has created a very good reputation among suppliers of special alloy materials. On the other hand, familiarity with the production processes of materials and fabric parts has led us to quality procurement. . Adequate knowledge of transportation lines and special procurement solutions has given the company the advantage of reliable and quality procurement. Attempts have been made to prepare a category of suppliers according to the quality assurance instructions based on the procurement conditions and the quality of test materials and samples received with reference laboratory reports to select the most appropriate supplier based on the project conditions.


Distillation equipment manufacturing operations are performed in the factory of the energy industry equipment manufacturing company. This company, which was created with the direct ownership of Taqtiran Company with the aim of optimizing the management, which was created during the real and legal conditions, has the entire workshop capacity at the disposal of Taqtiran Company. An attempt has been made to construct this factory with the best and most experienced form of design Manufacturing technologies are provided from cutting, forming, machining, welding and assembly units, heat treatment, finishing operations, and sufficient space and high power of the crane in this workshop.

Project management and proprietary software The importance of management in the implementation of project processes from the design phase to construction and delivery and post-delivery support of our equipment has led us to rely on project management knowledge and establish standards related to creating specific software in this area to guarantee the quality of executive management . The beginning of studies and production of proprietary software began in 2004, so that so far several successful softwares in the field of control, production planning and production technology are at the disposal of the distillery company and manufacturing of energy industry equipment. This software includes all project processes from the stage of estimation, ordering, manufacturing technology to controlling production details to achieve the best resource management and what exactly is ordered by the client.


The basis for the establishment of the distillery company was formed in 1985 following the construction of a factory for the production of plant products. Upgrading machines based on modern technologies and basic engineering, which led to the construction of several manufacturing plants, provided the necessary groundwork to enter the advanced equipment manufacturing market. With the entry of the country into the period of construction and significant development of steel, oil and gas industries in 1373 and 1374, an ideal opportunity was created for the development of the company based on engineering knowledge, so that very soon relying on technical and experimental sciences is a good alternative for manufacturers It was set up to meet the country's need for foreign dependence. Buy a farm to build a factory Buy a farm with the aim of producing natural essential oils. Year 1363 Formation of primary companies Registration of Golkaran Agro-industry Company with the aim of domestic production and sale and export of natural essential oils, especially rose red essential oil (Mohammadi). Year 1364 Start of study and research based on engineering sciences Beginning of the study for the construction of devices (with samples made by the Bulgarians and comparison with pictorial information of French products) The first device with a capacity of 100 kg of roses was made of copper metal, which is still a museum in the company Is. Year 1365 Build the first knowledge-based device The construction of two machines on an industrial scale was on the agenda, with the characteristics of Bulgarian and French machines and the beginning of the production of roses and essential oils. Year 1366 Extensive manufacture and production of machinery Making essential oil and distillate machines based on what had been designed and experienced for other companies Year 1367 Official registration of distillery company The distillation company was legally registered and operated in May of 2009 Year 1369 Supply of equipment of Kendallus, Barij Essential and Rabi companies Entering the design and construction of medicine tanks and mixers based on medicine and food standards, which led to the supply of equipment to Kendalls, Barij Essential Oil and Rabi companies. Year 1370 Activities in the steel industry Starting extensive cooperation with Mobarakeh Steel industry and localization of imported equipment until then Year 1372Start of cooperation with petrochemical industries Commencement of cooperation with Arak Petrochemical for the construction of tanks and mixers Establishment of a research and development unit and industrial drawing for the construction of reactors and mixers for the resin industry Year 1373 Expanding the fields of research and development and establishing basic knowledge Issuance of license for the company's research and development unit by the Ministry of Industry Year 1375 Receive Kharazmi Festival Award Development of research and development activities and patents of extraction machines, which eventually led to the winner of the Kharazmi Award Year 1375 Engineering department development Starting cooperation with consulting engineering companies and entering engineering fields within the framework of ASME / DIN / API standards Year 1376 Activity in the field of aluminum In addition to the manufacture of stainless steel and carbon steel equipment, technology and technical knowledge related to aluminum equipment was put on the agenda for the first time. Year 1376 Localization of parts Since ١٣٧٦ in the steel industry, a lot of cooperation has been done under a contract for reverse engineering and localization of spare parts, which ultimately leads to steel self-sufficiency in supplying spare parts such as undercovers and bell protection in the annealing sector. ١٣٩٦ Completed and manufactured recuperator bundles from year 1 until now, which prevented this equipment from being imported. Year 1376 Expand the engineering dimension Expansion of engineering and construction of fixed equipment in petrochemical, oil and gas industry and spare parts supply services Year 1376 Foreign investment Collaboration directly with the Austrian company Foglebusch, which led to projects to produce alcohol, yeast and citric acid in Iran. Year 1383 Software development With the development of the company's system, which led to the creation of control software, with the development of the company, Ryan Pardaz Distillation Company was established to produce software specific to the industry. Year 1394

Goals and development

Our goal is to consolidate, continue and further the achievements, by creating a positive impact on the people and the environment. Our daily motivation is supported and guided by the history of the group. This complex really believes in sustainability lies in continuous development, so in long-term plans with the aim of achieving basic technologies in mechanical design and process design of basic industrial equipment and their direct construction in the field of localization and development of technical knowledge To move. Therefore, reviewing the design of active equipment and upgrading new manufacturing technologies is on the agenda of short-term goals

Related companies

Energy Industry Equipment Manufacturing Company: The company was registered in 1400 with the aim of creating hardware capacity and focusing on the construction of construction and execution management equipment, and by allocating equipped manufacturing workshops and modern cutting and welding machines, the annual production capacity of 12,000 tons of fixed equipment in a space of 21,000 meters It has an equipped square. Aria Steel Company: Aria Steel Company in the year ??? In order to carry out the procurement processes of goods from the stage of supplier evaluation, ordering and quality monitoring to the final shipment was registered. The company focuses on logistics, especially foreign and the office based in the UAE, has established a significant relationship and capability in the procurement of alloy and special goods. Ryan Pardaz Company

Statistical information

In this section, with a kind of innovation, a series of numbers should be displayed in order to inform the visitor of the basic information in a concise and immediate manner and not to seek additional information. Displaying the following information in motion graph can be attractive, however, the original design is the responsibility of the designer 1) Number of staff: 350 2) Workshop space: 35000 square meters 3) Production capacity: 12000 tons per year

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