Steel And Iron Industry

The basis for entering the manufacture of industrial equipment in the distillery company began in the steel industry. A long history of more than 20 years in the field of steel production in the country has created a good understanding of the operating environment and equipment.

Range of customers nationwide

The approach of increasing production efficiency in different areas of steel industry has been our gateway to reverse engineering and equipment engineering review, so that at times with the upgrade of consumables has increased the life and performance of equipment and naturally reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

The company has a history of presence and supply of parts and spare parts in various sectors of the steel industry from reduction units to smelting and casting, hot and cold rolling, so that the equipment manufacturing records have reached more than 1000 code materials.

We are proud to offer the highest level of operational performance assurance with the engineering approach in the manufacture of spare equipment and steel construction, while the development of basic and detailed engineering dimension in the revitalization sector of the company to acquire knowledge of design and manufacturing technology of unit recuperator systems. Has revived.

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